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CartFusion 5.0 Enters Beta

The new CFC-based, AJAX-rich, XML-handling CartFusion 5.0 has gone into production. The Trade Studios Development Team is on the attack with this new eCommerce and customer relations management system.
CartFusion 4.5 Released

CartFusion will meet your needs.
Here's a partial list of features:

- Inventory Matrix Management

- Multi-tiered Affiliate Program

- PayPal Pro Support

- Advanced Reporting

- Payments by Store Credit

- Faster Page Loading

- Quick Edit Mode = Easy Updates

- QuickBooks Integration*

- UPS Worldship Integration*

* requires additional software
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What does Trade Studios CartFusion provide?
 Trade Studios CartFusion provides a web-based ecommerce solution to businesses serious about online sales. Trade Studios is a "ONE SOURCE" Provider, meaning that the software developed by Trade Studios is also hosted, managed, and maintained on its servers. Merchants subscribed to the CartFusion software solution need only a web browser to access the software.
Will my customers' transactions be secure?
 Yes. Security is paramount at Trade Studios. Trade Studios uses the latest in Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology during the entire order process and within the Order Management System. For additional security, all credit cards are encrypted within the database itself.
How long will it take me to set up my store?
 Included in the initial fee is the complete design of your new E-commerce website and/or the renovation of your existing website design. This process can take up to two weeks, with the initial design consultation, mock-up designs, and requested image implementation. During this time, a client's merchant account application should be in process so that when design is complete, credit card processing may begin and the site may go live. Other factors include the size and complexity of your product line and client response time & feedback.
How do customers reach my online store?
 Trade Studios' CartFusion software is a complete front-end E-commerce website for anyone in the world to shop at, and a back-end Administrative site where you "run" your online business. To see a demo of CartFusion, click here.
Will the Trade Studios' software work with my current web site?
 Absolutely. Trade Studios' storefront can be endlessly customized to mesh with the look and feel of any preexisting web site. For a first-hand look at Trade Studios' vast aesthetic versatility, feel free to visit our Featured Clients page. You'll notice that the store will blend perfectly with any web site (including Flash sites) as well as accommodate to even the most complex product line.
If I plan to sell thousands of products, will I have to add each product individually?
 No. Trade Studios' bulk product import functionality will allow you add your entire product line as well as your entire customer database to the online store with the click of a button.
Is there a limit to the number of products I can sell with Trade Studios' CartFusion software?
 No. There is absolutely no limit to your store size. Trade Studios does not charge additional fees for merchants that sell a large number of products.
Will Trade Studios' CartFusion software work on a Mac?
 Yes, Trade Studios' CartFusion software works on all platforms that run Internet Explorer Netscape web browsers (versions 4.0 and higher). It also works with the AOL web browser.
How do I process credit cards?
 There are two credit card processing options. You might choose to process your orders through traditional means using an existing merchant terminal or take advantage of Trade Studios' unique one-click online credit card processing technology. To take advantage of the latter, you must establish an account with a payment gateway such as CyberCash,, or Paymentech. If you have an account with such a gateway, you have the option to allow orders to be authorized at the time of the order is placed.
Is Trade Studios' CartFusion software integrated with the UPS Online Tools? Can I create UPS Shipping Labels directly from the web?
 Yes. Trade Studios has integrated 4 different components of the UPS Online Tools including Tracking, Address Validation, Rates and Service Selection, and Shipping. The Rates and Service Selection tool displays real time rates directly from the UPS database. The UPS Shipping tool allow merchants to create and print labels directly from their web sites saving merchants from the hassle of keying order data into the UPS World Ship software.
I see that you have full integration with the UPS Online Tools, but what if I ship via other carriers such as FedEx or USPS?
 Though Trade Studios' software has the most extensive integration with UPS, you can still use the software and ship via other carriers. Rather than pulling real time rates from other carriers, you will be able to choose from one of ten different shipping cost calculators to estimate shipping costs for your customers.
Do I have to pay for customer service?
 No. Trade Studios provides toll-free tech support for all of its clients at no cost. Better than that, each client get his or her own dedicated Account Manager. It is in Trade Studios' best interest to see its clients succeed and Trade Studios is there for you every step of the way!
Why should I use Trade Studios' e-Commerce software?
 Trade Studios' CartFusion software is designed to maximize your profit. By helping to increase revenue and decrease your costs, you will yield the most amount of money in your pocket at the end of the day with Trade Studios' CartFusion software. Online revenue is a function of unique visitors and conversion rate. Trade Studios' CartFusion software provides you with the tools to increase both. Features exist in both the front and back end of the software that help you drive traffic. The store front itself is designed one hundred percent around usability which maximizes your conversion rate. How does it decrease costs? Trade Studios provides tools that streamline the fulfillment process. Additionally, the software offers robust reporting, providing you with the information that you need to make better business decisions. Still not convinced? View Trade Studios' CartFusion Online Demo. If you are serious about online sales, then you should seriously consider the Trade Studios' CartFusion Software Subscription.
How much does Trade Studios' e-commerce software cost? Can I buy it outright?
 Trade Studios charges a one time setup fee, which includes a completely synchronized online store. After that, Trade Studios works off of a completely "pay as you succeed" pricing structure that not only guarantee's your profitability, but invests its success in yours. For details, visit our Pricing page. Trade Studios' software is not available for outright purchase.

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